Why We Give

The Bible tells us story (Mark 12:41-44) after story (Matthew 14:13-21) of how sharing creates beauty and hope.

Giving focuses our hearts and minds. It helps us prioritize God’s lasting gifts for our lives. Practically speaking, it also levels out cash flow for the church so that our ministers and lay leaders can confidently implement the ministry plans of the church.

A Way for Every Giver


In Worship

Bring cash or a check to worship and place it in the offering plate.


At Your Computer or Tablet

Give online by drafting a checking account or charging a credit card. You can also set up automatic recurring payments.


From your Smartphone

Text GIVE to 502-237-7312 and follow the prompts.


With Non-Cash or Legacy Gifts

Contact Bobbe Crouch in the church office to explore these options confidentially.