Who We Are

Our congregation is comprised of people from all around the world.

Most foreign-born members of our community are refugees from Burma; people born in Latin and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia also call Crescent Hill their spiritual home.

In 2013 the church clarified its relationship with LGBTQ individuals.

The congregation overwhelmingly voted to be open to grant ordination, hire, or perform wedding ceremonies for LGBTQ individuals. In other words, sexual identity or orientation will not be a factor in determining whether the church will ordain, hire or perform a wedding ceremony. Crescent Hill Baptist Church also voted in 2013 to join AWAB, the Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists.

In recent years we have developed a relationship and partnership with Empower West which addresses systemic racism in Louisville and beyond.

In partnership with Empower West, we have hosted a city-wide book club. Some of the country’s leading scholars and writers on racial justice have visited our church in an effort to help repair racial inequality.

In addition, we are a group of people committed to serving the marginalized and rectifying systemic injustice.

We strive to help people grow spiritually, deepen their faith in Christ, and build healthy community.

Worship is one significant purpose of our life together in which we seek to accomplish these objectives.

In addition to our weekly Sunday morning worship, we offer weekly and monthly small group opportunities.

Our Mission, Vision & Core Beliefs



Seeking to serve Christ ourselves so that others may come to know God



To be a Baptist community of faith in Crescent Hill: welcoming God’s calling and each other’s gifts, growing as a spiritual family, engaging our world and inviting all to walk in the way of Jesus


Core Beliefs

Caring for each other
Engaged in the community
Meaningful worship
Social justice
Spiritual formation
Thinking people