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Help us raise “another voice,” a different religious perspective regarding LGBT individuals from what is often heard from the church, on Monday evening, October 5th at 7PM at Crescent Hill Baptist Church.

Through music, prayer, scripture readings, and words of encouragement, those affiliated with Crescent Hill Baptist, Highland Baptist, and other congregations, will proclaim that God loves LGBT individuals without strings attached.  Thus, LGBT individuals are not merely welcome in our churches, but invited to serve in roles of Christian leadership.

Another Voice coincides with Southern Seminary’s Association of Certified Biblical Counselors Conference that will focus on ministry and pastoral care to LGBT individuals. Their message conveys the belief that all expressions of homosexuality are sinful and must be rejected and converted to heterosexuality.


Crescent Hill Baptist Church

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Empower West Louisville


Editor's note: It started as a conversation with Dr. Kevin Cosby at KBF's Spring Gathering in April, 2015. It blossomed through intentional relationship building between faith leaders in Louisville across racial and denominational lines. It launched on Wednesday, September 23, 2015. We call it "Empower West Louisville."

Hundreds of Christians representing dozens of churches gathered at the invitation of Dr. Cosby and St. Stephen Church to hold a summit addressing economic development in Louisville's West End, marking the beginning of a long-term effort to affect sustainable transformation. We thank Bob Allen of Baptist News Global for covering the day's events. The entirety of his report follows (BNG photo/Bob Allen).

KBF, historically black college, join forces to fight poverty

By Bob Allen

Black and white churches in Louisville, Ky., announced a new working partnership Sept. 23 aimed at tackling urban poverty.

The Kentucky Baptist Fellowship joined historically black Simmons College of Kentucky in spearheading the new coalition of urban and suburban churches called Empower West Louisville.

"The past three months a group of urban and suburban church pastors, along with leadership from the Kentucky Baptist Fellowship, have engaged in a weekly dialogue on ways in which our various constituencies might use our collective strength to enhance hope and opportunity for residents of West Louisville,” Simmons College President Kevin Cosby said in a morning press conference.


Cosby, who also serves as pastor of predominantly African-American St. Stephen Church, said West Louisville is typical of too many urban areas in the United States. The neighborhood’s poverty rate is double the rest of metro Louisville, while median income and housing values are less than half of the rest of the city. Life expectancy in West Louisville is the lowest in the metropolitan area, and depopulation makes even more pronounced high unemployment and a dearth of basic services available to other residents.

“We as members of the church community feel this is not just a political issue but a moral one that is at the heart of what should concern the entire body of Christ,” said Cosby, a graduate of Southern Baptist Theological Seminary whose church recently joined the Kentucky affiliate of the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship.

“The sins of omission, or missed deeds, are as egregious to God as the sins of commission or misdeeds,” Cosby said. “Jesus said inasmuch has you have done it to the least of these, my people, you’ve done it also unto me.”

The coalition includes KBF-affiliated Broadway Baptist Church, Crescent Hill Baptist Church and Highland Baptist Church, along with St. Stephen Church and local Presbyterian and Episcopal congregations. Their objective is to work together with the frontline churches to empower citizens of West Louisville by patronizing and supporting locally owned businesses, creating urban/suburban church partnerships, encouraging people to purchase homes and move to West Louisville and to support and strengthen Simmons College of Kentucky.

A larger goal is to sensitize the entire community to challenges unique to West Louisville through sermons, Bible studies, corporate worship and annual summits.

“We come together because we care about all people in the city of Louisville, all of the citizens of Louisville,” said Joe Phelps, pastor of Highland Baptist Church. “As clergy we are united in our commitment to social justice, to leveling the playing field and empowering people to be all that they can be under God.”

Kentucky Baptist Fellowship Coordinator Rhonda Abbott Blevins said the way CBF operates in Kentucky and around the globe is “through developing capacity within communities.”

“It’s through finding out what people love to do, what people have skills and talents and capacity for, connecting the dots, and having them build communities from within,” she said. “A lot of missional effort in churches has been imperialistic and paternalistic: ‘Let us come and throw money at you. Let us come and throw resources at you.’”

“That’s not the approach that we like to take,” she said. “We like to take the approach of finding skilled, visionary, talented people within communities and doing what we can to help them become who they can be in their communities.”

Chris Caldwell, pastor of Broadway Baptist Church, said he thinks there are people outside of West Louisville who have long wanted to help the community.

“I think usually that has taken the form in our minds of charity,” Caldwell said. “Charity has its place, but it also has profound limits. This is not about assistance from the outside in. This is about empowering folks in West Louisville to grow from the inside out and to come alongside and to make a big difference over the long haul.”

Jason Crosby, pastor of Crescent Hill Baptist Church, said the past three months have been some of the most profound ministerial associations of his career, because weekly meetings sometimes lasting three hours have brought about high levels of relationship and trust.

“I believe that is the model that brings forth some of these other initiatives and projects that we believe can make a difference not only in West Louisville but in our entire city,” Crosby said.

Chris Sanders, a seminary-educated layman who recently filled in as interim coordinator of Kentucky Baptist Fellowship between the retirement last year of John Lepper and the recent election of Blevins, described the way the partnership with Simmons College of Kentucky came about as “a God thing.”

“We felt the need to come together,” Sanders said. “I don’t know who called who, but we gathered earlier this year, just a few people, and said Simmons is important as a historically black college here in our community. Kentucky Baptist Fellowship, as a predominantly Caucasian organization, needs to be in relationship and be supportive and it kind of built from there.”

“It’s in its inception,” Sanders said. “I can’t see that we’ve come very far, but we’ve done some things along the way. We’ve had meetings here. We’ve had meetings there, and I think that we’re on our way to creating a lasting relationship that matters in this community and that matters to all the churches in the state.”

Dr. Louie and June Bailey 30 Years of Ministry at CHBC Celebration

As part of our worship at Crescent Hill Baptist Church on Sunday morning, October 4th, we will celebrate and give thanks to God for Dr. Louie and June Bailey’s 30 years of ministry to our congregation and community.  

Since the first Sunday of October, 1985, Louie and June have ministered to us in a wide variety of ways.  They have led numerous choirs, taught a countless number of people how to make a joyful noise for the Lord, and ensured that each week when we worship the melodies we hear and lyrics we sing honor God.  

Of course, Louie and June’s ministry has not been confined to the walls of our church.  Louie also coordinates Highland Latin School choirs, works with the Louisville Youth Choir, directs music at The Temple, serves as Chapel Organist/Choir Director at Louisville Presbyterian Seminary, and lends his gifts and talents to other endeavors (when time permits) as well.  

Furthermore, not only have Louie and June faithfully ministered through music, they have ministered to us through their acts of love and kindness over the years as well.  

If you have been affected by Louie and June’s ministry either at Crescent Hill Baptist Church, via another organization, or in any manner, we hope that you will join us for worship on Sunday morning, October 4.  Your presence will communicate your gratitude to Louie and June and to God for their many years of faithful service. We hope to see you then, if not before.

St. Joe's Parking - Saturday, August 8th

CHBC parking lots will be made available for parking during St. Joseph's Picnic which takes place across Frankfort Avenue from our church building. Parking costs $5 per car. Funds go toward reducing costs for Youth Passport 2016. Help is needed to assist with directing cars and collecting parking fees. Please contact Brittani Bair at 295-0274 or if you can assist for an hour or more. Help is needed from 10am-10pm.

**Limited parking will be kept open for Crescent Hill Public Library until 5pm. The Graham Court lot will be reserved for Porcini's after 6pm.**

Understanding Your Grief

Join us as we walk together through the journey of loss, studyig Alan Wolfelt's Understanding Your Grief.

  • Discuss misconceptions about grief
  • Understand the 6 needs of mourning
  • Learn from one another; nurture yourself; seek reconciliation
  • Gain hope and encouragement

Eight Tuesday afternoons 3:00-4:30 PM in the CHBC Parlor; August 4-September 22; Peggy Schmidt, LCSW - facilitator.  Class began August 4. New participants are welcome to join by August 11.
Spaces are limited to 12. Please call the church office to reserve a spot. 896-4425

Vacation Bible School

VBS is open to students who have FINISHED Kindergarten - 5th grade.

June 15-19, 9:00AM - Noon.

To register, email Andrea at

Children's Ministry Intern

Crescent Hill Baptist Church looking for a couple of student interns this summer.  In past years,  students have come to CHBC through Cooperative Baptist Fellowship's Student.Go program. This year, however, only one student was assigned to CHBC, so I am looking for up to 3 more students.

The internship will predominately be working with refugee elementary students of the Karen ethnic group. The Karen are originally from Burma, but arrived in the US through refugee camps in Thailand.

Below is a link to the full description of the internship. If you have any college or grad-school students looking for ministry experience (specifically cross-cultural experience), would you please pass this information along to them? This is also an excellent opportunity for education majors as four weeks are spent teaching in an academic day-camp program.

The internship runs from the first of June to the end of July, about 8 weeks. While the internship does not pay a salary, we are able to provide housing, if needed, as well as a small stipend of $125 a week to cover food and transportation cost.

Contact Andrea for more information. or 502-896-4425

CLICK HERE for full description of the internship.

Good Friday

Join us tonight for our Good Friday service beginning at 7:00 in the Sanctuary.  (Even though JCPS is closed today, we will still have the service as planned.

Bible Battered, Dogma Bit: Fundamental Injuries

Sometimes we have been unaware of the ways that rigid forms of thought and faith have injured us. Sometimes we are all too aware. Sometimes we are unaware that fundamentalism can arise even among progressives and hurt traditional believers in much the same way that conservative theological fundamentalism has damaged folks of liberal faith.

The Crescent Hill Baptist Church Bible Battered, Dogma Bit ad hoc team will host a time of reading, and sharing our stories. We offer this as an openness for recovery and healing.  All are welcome. Sunday, March 22, 2015 from 6:00 – 7:30 p.m. in the church parlor.


Because of the Winter Storm Warning for Central Kentucky beginning tomorrow afternoon, there will be NO HOMEWORK HELP tomorrow at CHBC. Vans will NOT be going out. Check the church website tomorrow for a decision on other church activities. If you normally ride a church van after school, we will not be picking you up tomorrow. Ride your regular school bus home. Stay safe!…/weather-warnings-1355215/348428

Live Wires Postponed

The Live Wires session scheduled for today, "Living through Grief and Loss," is postponed until next Monday, February 23. Reservations will stand unless changes are made by this Thursday, February 19.

Divorce Recovery Workshop


The annual Divorce Recovery Workshop will be on February 8, 15, 22, and March 1, 2015, from 5:00 - 7:30 p.m at Crescent Hill Baptist Church. The workshop is for anyone in the process of separation or divorce, and for those rebuilding their lives afterwards. It will provide a wide variety of speakers and subject matter, as well as learning opportunities from panel discussions and small-group meetings. All four programs are free and open to the public. CLICK HERE for registration information. For more information about the Divorce Support Recovery Groups, please visit