Shared Space

We offer our Sanctuary, Chapel, and Fellowship Hall to be used for weddings, funerals, and community groups.

For more information on planning a wedding or funeral at CHBC, email If you are looking for information on renting space for a community event, please call the church office at 502-896-4425 and ask to speak with Bill Johnson, Facility Manager.

We share our space on Sundays with the Chin Baptist Church, Karen Baptist Church, and Third Lutheran Church.

Chin Baptist Church meets in the Chapel Sundays at 2:00 PM, Karen Baptist Church meets in the Chapel at 9:15AM, and Third Lutheran meet in Heritage Hall at 10:30AM.

We are in partnership with two local AA groups that use space on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

We also share our educational space with Highlands Latin School.

HLS leases space from the congregation. While CHBC and HLS are two separate entities, members of the CHBC community have developed meaningful and valuable relationships with HLS faculty and staff.