Ministry Teams

“Every Member a Minister” is one of the mottos Crescent Hill lists on the worship program each week. 

The church is not the building but a body of persons each with his/her own set of gifts who spend their time doing the work of the church. Much of the work and ministry at CHBC happens through Ministry Teams.

Below is the list of active teams and those who serve on the team:

Finance Team

  • Melanie Bunger
  • Milt Gardner
  • Luke Griffin
  • Mike Meador
  • Bob Pessolano
  • Rae Taylor
  • Elizabeth Weaver

Personnel Team

  • Eileen Bartlett
  • Trudi Bellou
  • Charles Boteler
  • Amelia Debusman
  • Rhonda Gilliand
  • David Graves
  • Susan Lockwood
  • Michael Smith


  • Charles Boteler
  • Bob Hieb
  • Gail Tucker