We have a rich history of which we are very proud.

Our history continues to inform us as to where God is moving in our midst presently and it inspires us to move into the future with hope.

Timothy George's 1983 History of CHBC

Crescent Hill Baptist Church, An Historical Overview

Continuing History of the Church

This is a continuing history of the church written by John Arnett. Additions and corrections are welcomed. Send to jwarnett@aol.com.


Timeline generated John Arnett. Corrections are welcomed.

Centennial Video

Produced May 2008 by Dr. Andrew Rawls
Narrated by Rick Forrest

Additional Resources


Including Dale Tucker’s explanation of building symbols

Andy Rawls' 100th Anniversary Video Script

The script for the 100th anniversary video of the church’s history, produced by Dr. Andy Rawls.

History of the WMU & Other Details of CHBC

Blanche Goetzman’s 1988 history of the WMU and church

Women's Retreat History

25th anniversary in 2004

"Women in Ministry" History

This is a chronology of the history of ordination of women in Baptist life, especially with reference to the SBC and the role of Crescent Hill Baptist Church in the movement. Our thanks to Reba Cobb who was present at the beginnings in 1983 and who has preserved much of this history.

Youth Alumni

These are persons who spent time as youth at the church even if they later dropped out or moved away.

Refugee Ministry — Karen and Others

A YouTube video produced by Steve Clark and Annette Ellard featuring the Karen church members

Staff of Crescent Hill—A Partial History

This list is evolving and other names will be added as more research is done.

Lay Leaders at Crescent Hill—A Partial History

This list is evolving and other names will be added as more research is done.

Instrumental Musicians

Partial listing by instrument of those who have contributed to the instrumental music of Crescent Hill Baptist Church over the years.

A Sampling of the Musical, Dramatic & Visual Art Productions

Partial listing of various dramatic, musical and visual art productions/exhibitions over the years.

Crescent Hill Authors and Hymn Writers/Musicians

Partial listing of publications by members of CHBC over the years.

Advent Meditations Index

Index to contents of all CHBC Advent Meditations since 1975

In Memoriam

Partial list of names of the “great crowd of witnesses” noted in the yearly May memorial service.

(See alphabetical listing of the names on these pages.)

Seminary Connections

Through the years the church benefited greatly by its close connections with the seminary. This is a partial listing of some of the faculty and staff who’ve been a part of the congregation and church community. In recent years the church and seminary have drifted apart ideologically and currently there are no active staff or faculty at Crescent Hill.

Thousands of students at the seminary over the years have attended and enriched the life of the church. And the church (staff and members) have been a blessing to the students and seminary staff. Although the current administration discourages students from attending Crescent Hill about a third of the congregation who actively participate in the activities of the church were once students at the seminary.