It is with mixed emotions that I am resigning from my position as Co-Pastor at Crescent Hill Baptist Church. It has been a great honor and blessing to serve at Crescent Hill since February of 2008. My time at Crescent Hill pushed me and pulled me to grow personally and spiritually in ways that I could have never imagined. I could write (and maybe one day will) an entire book on the ways in which our time together benefited me. I hope and pray that this season benefited you as well.

The Lord works in mysterious ways. The mysterious workings of the Lord brought me to Crescent Hill Baptist Church initially. The mysterious workings of the Lord now compel me to move in a different direction. I was not looking for another opportunity to be of service just a couple months ago. However, people brought an opportunity to my attention at Centre College to serve as Chaplain a couple months ago.

The decision to accept this new position has not been an easy one for me or my family. I love Crescent Hill Baptist Church. I love and cherish the relationships we have developed with fellow staff members and congregants. I am forever in your debt.

I will begin my new position as Chaplain at Centre in mid-August of this year.  Until then, I will continue to be of service in whatever manner best serves Crescent Hill Baptist Church. The last Sunday I will preach at Crescent Hill will be July 10.

Feel free to call me at any time between now and July 10. I am looking forward to sitting down with many of you over a cup of coffee or lunch. This transition will be a challenge, but I am confident that it is one that we all can navigate in a way that benefits everyone moving forward. God is good.