Advent Devotion 20

Church Hats

By Dorothy Spurr


Acts 2:44   All who believed were together and had all things in common.

Much like First Century Christians we at Crescent Hill meet often, get to know each other, take meals together with “glad and generous hearts,” and share. That’s how I came to be blessed with the vintage hats I call my “Taylor Collection.” 

Some of you may have noticed that I sometimes wear a hat to Sunday Morning Worship. ( I grew up in the 1930’s and 40’s, when a lady always wore a hat in public; it was absolutely mandatory in church!)  In the Spring I am often asked, “Is that your Derby hat?”  I reply, “No, it is my church hat.”

So this last Summer, when Diane and Rae Taylor were clearing out his parents’ house, they asked if I would like to see if I could use any of Rae’s mother’s hats.  I could hardly wait.  When I went to view them I found a large array spread out on chairs in the living room, and on beds in the bedrooms.  There were hats of finest quality, some, I would guess, as much as 60 years old; winter ones of 100% wool felt, real feathers, veiling and ribbon, all made in the USA. I could only take a few hats since my apartment has little storage space; choosing was difficult. I learned that Mrs. Taylor was an art teacher, and obviously a woman of taste and refinement.  I asked Rae if they were church hats.  He said, “Oh yes, she certainly wore them to church.”

When I first saw them I told Rae that if he took the hats to a vintage shop he could sell them for a nice sum.  He graciously replied, “We would rather give them to someone we could see wear and enjoy them.”  

Father, help us not to neglect gathering together, learning about each other, and sharing our lives and possessions.  Amen.