Advent Devotion 2

Sunshine and Sisterhood

By Peggy Schmidt


John 8:12  Jesus spoke to them: "I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life."

On a long weekend in October -- I met my sisters in the Tulsa Airport and we headed to "the farm." This was the home where my parents were living when I was born. The current owners have restored it to its 1950's look and currently use it as a guest house. So, we rented it and moved back in for 3 days.

Through stories, shared photo albums, and walks in the grove -- the walls literally gave up memories. We shared and shared and came to a greater understanding and appreciation of who these parents were and how they nurtured us to become who we are today.

Saturday morning the sun broke over the fields -- in a sunrise I will never forget. The open landscape allowed a view of a long, beautifully streaked sky -- layered with pink, blue and yellow. The breaking of a glorious day!

That sky! The dark starry night and the glorious dawn, remind us of the breaking of day on that Christmas morn -- following the birth of Christ.

That light! The Hope of the world -- remains with us today. It behooves us to rise -- watch -- appreciate -- and take a walk down the path we are blessed to walk.

Thank you, God, for the light -- And for the Light of the WorldAmen.