Update - Prayer Request

By: Andrea Woolley

The last blog I posted in early January, I told of my friends’ trials at the end of her pregnancy and premature delivery.  I am happy to update you that right at 2 months later all are doing better.  Rachel (my friend, and now mother of 2) had severe eclampsia and was living in a small city in China was not able to get the medical intervention she needed. After an emergency C-section on January 3 to deliver baby Ann (who weighed just over 1 pound), Rachel and baby Ann were air-evacuated to Bangkok several days later. Baby Ann underwent a couple surgeries to repair her bowels, but has made remarkable progress.

Rachel’s husband Ray and older son Joshua relocated to Bangkok and found temporary housing to sublet. Rachel was released from the hospital about 10 days after they arrived in Bangkok, and they are still awaiting Baby Ann’s release from the hospital.

Rachel’s parents were able to travel to Bangkok this week to be with their daughter and family and meet their newest granddaughter. Though only parents are allowed into the NICU, a nurse took pity on Grandma Leta and snuck her in to allow Leta a few moments to hold and rock her granddaughter.

Ann now weighs in at 5 pounds and is feeding on milk (through a feeding tube). There is talk that Ann may even be released from the hospital next week.

I am attaching two photos. The first was Ann’s passport photo. (Yes, apparently premature newborns being medically evacuated need passports too.) And the other is one Leta sent this week.  I have been amazed how God’s grace has sustained this family (both those in China and stateside) through this whole ordeal.

Though things are looking better, Rachel and her family still have a long road ahead of them. Rachel and Ray must decide if Ann and Rachel are healthy enough to move back to China and continue the work there. If they are able to move back, they will have to decide when, as Ann will still need extensive medical care over the next several months. If they are not able to move back to China, they are faced with more decisions as to where to go or what to do next.

God’s presence has been with this family through this trying season of their life, as I am sure God will continue to walk with all God’s children through life’s joys and sorrows.

Ann's Passport Photo


Baby Ann this week laying on Grandma's lap.