Prayer Request

By: Andrea Woolley

I am  going to use this blog to let you know of a prayer request that has been weighing heavily on me this week.


My life long friend (literally our families have been friends before either one of us were born) Rachel works for a faith-based organization with her husband, Ray, in China doing some mission and translation work.  Rachel had been pregnant with their second child.

When Ray tried to wake up Rachel on Monday she was incoherent. He took her to the clinic and then to the regional hospital finally learning that she had Eclampsia. Her blood pressure spiked to life-threatening levels and was unresponsive and having seizures. Sometime during our night on Monday she was transferred to a hospital in a larger city (2 hours by ambulance) and 10:45am Tuesday (their time) their daughter was born at 31 weeks by C-section.

Rachel has still not been able to see her baby. Ray saw the baby briefly before she was taken to the NICU. Apparently the hospital in Mangshi is unlike the state side hospitals. No one outside medical staff is allowed in ICU and there are no viewing windows. The families are cut off from their babies.

Rachel is still in critical condition. She is off the respirator but still needs oxygen and has some sort of heart failure and issues with her short term memory.

The plan is to have Rachel and Ann Elise (baby) medically evacuated to Bangkok or possibly Hong Kong where medical facilities are better sometime in the next 24 hours.

Pray for Rachel and Ann Elise’s survival and recovery.

Pray for Ray as he takes care of his wife and Joshua their 2 year old.

Pray for Ray as he deals with insurance, medical systems and government bureaucracy as he tries to get his family evacuated.

Pray for Rachel’s parents who are scared and feeling very helpless in Texas.


Update: After posting this yesterday (Thursday) I have received a couple emails. Last night Ray and Rachel learned that the government is not approving the medical evacuation. I'm not sure why or what all that means. Rachel is improving slowly. Baby Anne has developed some complications. Her breathing is not as strong as it has been and she has developed some infections. Thanks for praying.