When it Happens

 By: Bill Johnson

Around the church there are many ways to enter into another’s life and observe wonderful things happening.

From time to time I have the occasion to work with families who rent the church facilities for a wedding and often, a reception. When there is a wedding and a reception in the making, you get to know folk real fast and fully!

Some time back, a family from Texas was in town to assist in their daughter’s wedding and they were working diligently on the reception. Everything had been planned and executed perfectly until a beautiful glass drink dispenser broke. It was a major disaster in the making. Timely enough, a member of the Highlands Latin School staff, whose daughter had married and had a reception in our fellowship fall a few months earlier, walked through the room and noticed the commotion and spreading panic. She went to the scene of the accident, and calmly said, “I have a dispenser just like that up in my office still packed from my daughter’s wedding. Would you like to use it?” Terror faded to terrific!

A bit later there was another disaster in the making, and I was able to make suggestions because of my own experience with weddings and receptions. All said, with the help and kindness of “strangers” and the hard work of extended families, the wedding and reception went splendidly. It was deeply moving to watch this coming together of the human family from many walks of life, labor toward the common good of another. Sorta felt like church.

Recently, CHBC hosted the Alliance of Baptists annual convocation which was a huge undertaking. Again, I witnessed the coming together of our human family to serve another human family, and with each person’s part, a greater common good was served. And it was church, the Body of Christ!