By: Greg Pope

Our congregation has recently been the beneficiaries of two extraordinary gifts of generosity.  One from Dr. Sam Weakley of $325,000 is going toward our endowment that enables us to care for our large facility of 29,000 square feet that is constantly in use for purposes of worship, discipleship, education, relationship building, and more.

The other gift of $168,000 now, with about the same to come, is from Betty Ann Potter.  Her desire is for us to use her gift now in ways that, to use the words of her will, “further the religious and charitable causes” of Crescent Hill Baptist Church.  This has created a great deal of excitement in our congregation as we are in the process of dreaming how we can use this gift in ways that will strengthen the ministry of our church and make a difference in our community.

Thank you Sam.  Thank you Betty Ann.

When have you been the beneficiary of extraordinary generosity?  The generosity may have come in various forms: money, friendship, grace, love.  Give God thanks for such gifts.  Use them to make yourself a better person and the world a better place.  And share the story.