Change is Possible

By: Andrea Woolley

Last night at the gym there were new t-shirts on display. I think they were intended as some sort of New Year inspiration. The back of the t-shirt read, "Change Is Possible. New Year. New You." Later last night, while working on some New Year organizational goals of my own, I watched the Biggest Loser "Where are They Now?" special. The theme repeated through the show – change is possible.

I wonder how many of us truly believe that change is possible. How many of us look at our lives or our church or our community or our world and become hopeless because we do not believe that change is possible? How many of us can identify the changes that need to take place but shrug our shoulders and just accept things as they are because we do not think we are the ones responsible for bringing the change? Or maybe we do not see ourselves as powerful enough to affect change. Whatever our reasons, many (if not most) accept things as they are.

Let me tell you change is possible! I am a fraction of the size I was a year ago. I go to the gym four times a week and eat more healthily than I have at any other time of my life. CHANGE IS POSSIBLE, but change is extraordinarily difficult.

So I ask you, Crescent Hill, what change needs to happen this year? What change needs to happen personally for you? What change needs to happen at our church? What change needs to happen in our world?

Share with us the change that needs to happen. Respond to this blog by posting a comment below, and tell us what change needs to take place, but do not just list the changes you would like to see. Change is possible, but it is hard. Change takes commitment and action and follow through. So share with us the change you’d like to see, and tell us how you will be part of the change.

Be the change you want to see in the world.   -Gandhi