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Passport 2015 - Starting Out

Passport 2015 - Theme REVOLUTION - Worship

Passport 2015 - Greensboro College - Meals - site

Passport 2015 - Bible Study - Choices - Group Sessions - Misc

Passport 2015 - Rec Afternoon - Games

Passport 2015 - Swimming - Volleyball

Passport 2015 - Electric Avenue Dance - cornhole

Passport 2015 - Roommates

Passport 2015 - Celebration Station - Chinese Buffet

Halloween 2016 -- individuals and groups

Halloween 2015 -- individuals and groups

Halloween 2014 -- individuals and groups
Halloween 2014 -- the party

Passport 2014 - Bus trip & site at Queens Univ in CharlottePassport 2014 - Theme "Follow The Road"

Passport 2014 - Worship-Bible Study - Devotionals - etc
Passport 2014 - Choices Options:  Missions, World Play, Huddle Up, Grace Notes, Tree Space, etc
Passport 2014 - Games
Passport 2014 - Emerald City Ball - Carowinds - Talent Show

Eggstravaganza 2014

Thanksgiving lunch 2013

Halloween at CHBC 2013 - photos  

Indoor Picnic Sunday June 9th, 2013

Eggstravaganza 2013

Chin Welcome luncheon March 2013

Halloween at CHBC 2012 - photos

Bill Johnson retirement reception

Bill Johnson ministry remembered video

Bill Johnson - "This Is Your Life" video

Fat Friday Fall In

Congregational photo August 14, 2012

Picnic Summer 2012 First slide includes summer interns who will be working with our children.

Hope Academy Prom 2012

Slide presentation in memory of Ada Lee Kanewho spent a lifetime dancing and teaching others to dance.

Mothers' Day Celebration 2012

Eggstravaganza 2012 (Lots of cute kids)

Payne House, with early slides showing rooms before work was done. Note: slides after the first pic of the front of the house show rooms after work was finished.

Church Tour

Hanging of the Green Reception

Thanksgiving Dinner 2011 (from Mitz Nabekura)

Halloween Party 2011

Some Adult Sunday School Classes - fall 2011

Internationals Day, October 2011

October 2011 Prayer Retreat at Hieb Farm

Wayne Ward's 90th Birthday

(See also Mera Corlett's collection in her Facebook albums.)

Rachel Bennett Warren's 100th Birthday Celebration

(more photos of reception later from Brian Williams)

In view of sanctuary note rose bud to left commemorating birth of Bethani's and Chris' new daughter, Aurora Rose born yesterday, July 9.

Preschool fun (Some new added late Sept 2011)

Sanctuary flowers, photos by Mitz Nabekura (some new ones added)

Memorial Sunday 2011 "on the grounds"

Youth Sunday - May 22 (a few photos)

Convocation of the Alliance of Baptists, Spring 2011

Eggstravaganza 2011

Palm Sunday 2011

Cross and Altar Spring 2011

Claypool service photos

Carolyn Barnwell's Claypool service photos on FaceBook.

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Noah Baker's Karen New Year Celebration (Jan 2011) Album - (for those on FB)

Mera Kathryn Corlett's Facebook Album of Passport 2010 -- worth a look (if you're on FB)

Carolers and Christmas Eve 2010

Worship Service Dec 19, Children and Choir/Messiah

Service with Latin School and Shoes

Advent Banners 2010

Worship on the Grounds

Gesthemani, Merton, and Dr. Hinson

Crosby baby shower

Memorial Garden dedication

Recent talent show

Some of our great kids

:Recent talent show

Worship and Dinner on the Grounds

Debusman's 50th Anniversary Party

Christmas gift exchange with our Karen friends

Bill Johnson's 25th Anniversary at CHBC

Church's 100th Birthday Party

Centennial Banquet Photos - part 1

Centennial Banquet Photos - part 2

Art from our Art Sparks team

UCHM Santa Sprint

Folks tearing up the old Fellowship Hall floor