Brian Williams and Worship

Note from Brian Williams, member of CHBC for over twenty years, who gives of his time and talents to make our Sanctuary a beautiful place for worship:

Worship has always been amazing at Crescent Hill.  After growing up in little country churches in Alabama, I was ready for planned worship that was more than just saying a prayer, singing favorite hymns, and placing flowers on the communion table (even though there are times I still need that too).  Greg and I found much more than that at Crescent Hill over twenty years ago.

Marjorie Ash's Tutoring Experience

My heart leaps up when I behold a rainbow in the sky,” William Wordsworth said in one of his short poems. Of course, mine does too, but I don’t have to wait for that rare, beautiful phenomenon. I see my rainbows right here at Crescent Hill Baptist. When one of the Karen youth with whom I work on Wednesday afternoons meets me in the hall and smiles or one of the little girls raises her arms and gives me a hug, my heart indeed “leaps up.”

Faith Stories

In a blog under "Views From The Hill" Jason indicated how difficult it is to articulate one's faith. NPR has a segment that runs periodically entitled, "This I Believe."  Several years ago during the Lenten season and summer several people shared their faith stories, and the experience was enriching.  If you would like to share your faith story with the larger online congregation here is an opportunity.  If your belief changes over the months or years, no one will lock you in to your statements printed here.  People change.  - JWA