Grady Nutt (1934 - 1982)

Thirty years ago, November 23, 1982, Grady Nutt, died in a plane crash at the young age of 48.  He, Eleanor, Toby, and Perry were members of Crescent Hill Baptist Church and Grady & Eleanor taught a class of seminary students.  Grady (and later Eleanor) was a deacon of the church and teamed up with Paul Duke to write the lyrics to the “Crescent Hill Hymn” which was introduced during the 1981 installation of  pastor Stephen Shoemaker.  The life of Grady Nutt and his work as a humorist and author/theologian are well documented on many of the internet sites listed below (see especially the Official and Unofficial Grady Nutt sites).

Grady was the featured preacher for at least two Youth Sundays called Interrobang?!  As our own 30 year tribute to Grady and in appreciation for the gift of his ministry among us we share the following sermons below:

September 20, 1981:  “Abraham”

September 1982:  “Lambskins and Lampshades” (Gideon)

Thanks to Steven Cole for converting the cassette recordings to mp3 format.

“Crescent Hill Hymn”


1976 Deacons (Grady standing 6th from left) Click on photo for sharper image with listing of names.

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