Anne-Britton Arnett -- A Neat Story

I have a neat little story to share.  I was walking down the street today with an Indian guy that I work with.  Note, he doesn’t work FOR me, just a guy that I interface with in my day to day dealings, so I don’t know him well.  He mostly knows me b/c I run the end of month Financial close cycle for my company, and he is sometimes involved in that.  He used to help me out a lot during our end of month, until we finally got it under control, and it is now monitored by an offshore team in India.  He probably still receives my e-mails about end of month, though.  Today, I knew we had two blocks to walk together, and I was trying to figure out what in the heck we would talk about.  He started the conversation.  It went like this:

F:  How is your church?

AB:  Fine, great.  How do you know about my church?  (surprised about the topic, considering that he’s a Hindu, and I didn’t think interested in a Christian American church)

F:  I’ve heard you talk about it many times in the past.

AB:  Really?  Well, I love it.  I’m on the Finance team, isn’t that ironic, considering that’s what I spend my work week life dealing with.  (laughing a little bit)

F:  So what types of things do you address being on the Finance team?

AB:  Well, we’ve been reading a neat book about …. (and I gave him a synopsis of it)  You never really think about these things until you’re trying to raise money for a church. 

F:  What types of issues do you address?

AB:  You’d never believe it, but we’ve been doing some data analysis, kind of like we do here.  It’s funny, you’d never think of doing analytics at a church, but we’ve learned a lot of interesting things about givers.  Like why people give, etc.

***now, we’re nearing our destination….you can imagine I’ve given him a diatribe on the book what we’ve learned, our analysis (without specifics, of course)****

F:  I always want to give money to a cause and know it’s being used for good, not just to an administrative organization.  I’d like to give some money to your church, since you’re always so passionate about it.  Can I do that in an anonymous fashion somehow?

AB:  (guess my reaction)  SURE!  I’ll give you the address, you can send in a check, I’ll never know about it.  We will of course not turn you down!!!  Thanks!


I thought that was the most interesting conversation I’ve ever had.  It’s amazing to me how I don’t consider myself out there honking the evangelical horn, yet I’ve made some type of an impact.  I don’t think this guy is going to become Christian, but he wants to give some money to a good cause, and know it’s working for good.

It’s an inspiration that we never know who recognizes our passion and faith.  I was so inspired, wanted to share with you all.  I don’t think this guy will give a lot, but how neat!

Later on AB wrote R:


I have been reflecting on our conversation all day. I don't think I can convey to you how much it meant to me. I don't ever think of myself as the type who is out there beating people over the head with my religion. But somehow you knew how passionate I am about my faith and my church. And you must trust that we do good in the lives of others. And you must think I reflect some of that good.

Thank you so much for that brief conversation. I know you are probably of a different faith. But our collective God lives in all of us, and it is up to each of us to represent all that is good in our faith to the world around us.

I value your friendship, thanks for your trust in me and those around us who try to instill the greater Good.

Her friend responded:


Thanks for your comments. I, too, value your friendship. I also have lot of trust and admire for you, not just because of our professional association and your professional competencies but also due to some of these exceptional qualities in you. Keep it up.

Yes I am from different faith and religion but believe that God is one and lives in all of us. Sometime we will talk more on these things also……

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