LGBT Discernment Process

We began discussions on Wednesday, April 10 to discern the church's position on three questions:

  • Will the church ordain an LGBT persons who the church feels has been called to and possesses the qualifications to do ministry?
  • Will the church hire a LGBT person to any position in the church if they meet the job qualifications?
  • Will the church bless the same-sex union of two people who desire to do their best to commit themselves to being in a loving relationship with one another. 

The schedule of these discussion is as follows:

  • April 10 - What Welcoming and Affirming Means
  • April 14 - The Bible and Homosexuality
  • April 24 - Sexuality and Gender
  • May 8 - My Journey: An evening where someone beyond the church will share their experiences of how the church has hurt and helped him as an LGBT person.
  • May 15 - An Opportunity to Share, Session I
  • May 29 - An Opportunity to Share, Session II
  • June 5 - A Night of Discernment -- A time to gather and ask God for clear discernment and silence.
  • June 12 - A Decision