Advent Day Six Devotion - "The Word And The World" by John Arnett

In the beginning was the Word:  the Word was with God and the Word was God…Through him all things came into being.

John 1:1

Advent is a time when we think of beginnings:  a new baby, the beginning of a movement, the beginning of a new year just ahead.  We also have a vision of the end of time and are told that Christ will come again and have faith that we are redeemed for an eternal life after death.


But eternity is not just an “after” event; it’s also a “before” event, and although the gospel writer speaks of a “beginning,” one can also make the case for “time” having no beginning just as it has no end in our concept of “eternity.”  But if there’s no beginning, then how do we deal with creation and “things coming into being?”  Some posit that the universe is cyclical, but the way the universe works is still a mystery.  Regardless of how “things come into being” the “things” that we experience with our five senses co-exist with God and the Word.  This spiritual world is what we celebrate during the Advent season for it was the coming of Christ into this particular period of time that shows us the loving and life-giving character of God.

Were it not for Christ’s coming to walk among us, we would be caught up in endless philosophical arguments about the moral ambiguities of life.  Jesus, the being who combined both the spiritual and the physical most perfectly, “humbled himself” and became like us so that we could become like him.

God, thank you for sending Jesus to walk with us so that we know you’re continuing to work with us to encourage hope, peace, joy, and love to thrive in this world. Amen.