Advent Day Twenty Devotion - "Bread" by Peggy Schmidt

Give us this day our daily bread…                                       Matthew 6:11

…That we may share it with others…

I was 22, fresh out of college, and like every other graduate, looking for full-time work. I learned of a Social Work opening at Central State Mental Hospital in Norman, OK and decided that could give me some good experience.

Though I do not remember the name of the Director of Social Services, I clearly remember the first thing he said, glancing over my application and resume.

“I have only known one other person with that last name – Mrs. Schmidt. She owned a bakery and helped feed our family during the depression. We may not have had much to eat, but we always had bread – thanks to Mrs. Schmidt’s willingness to run an account for us.”

Yes, that was my grandmother.

And, yes, I do remember calling her to thank her for the loaves of bread that helped launch my career as a Social Worker.

I did not know what to expect walking into the interview – but I can tell you –

I never expected to land my first full-time job based on a giving grandmother, who “paid it forward,” baking bread for those who needed it, almost 40 years earlier!

For the gift of Christ’s birth and for family, both living and departed, we thank you, God!