Advent Day Fifteen Devotion - "Creating A Moment" by Dorothy Poole Spurr

I am come that they may have life, and have it more abundantly.

 John 10:10

Each Fall when I drive by Crescent Court I remember the first time I actually drove through it, down the hill, all the way to Grinstead Drive.  It was in early October, 2004.  A few days earlier I had reminded Dr. Henlee Barnette that the flu shot clinic at church would be the following Wednesday and offered to give him a ride. So that next Wednesday, after receiving our shots we decided not to stay for supper since neither of us had made a reservation.  It was one of those golden Autumn days, when the clear blue skies and the slanting rays of the sun make all of earth’s colors seem deeper and more vibrant.

As I drove up Frankfort  Avenue toward Stilz, my usual route to Dr. Barnette’s house, he said, “Dorothy, don’t go up that far, turn at this next street.”   On entering Crescent Court I saw a scene that could have been designed for a movie set in 1904!  My first response was to exclaim, “Oh, I love this!”  Dr. Barnette simply said, “I thought you’d like it.”

Driving slowly, I stopped the car several times to look more carefully at the large, closely spaced, middle-class, family homes.  Though most were similar in style and period, each was distinctive.  With just a few exceptions, they were substantial, two or three story, frame, with clapboard siding, many having scalloped or fish scale shingles on the upper levels, gables and dormers.   All had a front porch with rounded columns.  There were quite a few with wrap-around porches.   I remember most vividly the colors of the houses.  They were in pale, muted, various shades of green, blue, yellow, tan, or grey, trimmed in white.  There were no two house colors exactly alike, but all seemed to be part of a perfect, harmonious whole.  I thought, “These houses are cared for, even cherished.”  The casually parked cars and recycling bins in front told me that people do live there now.

Looking back on that day I call it my, “Crescent Court Moment,” with thanks to a thoughtful servant of God who told me to take another way home.

Father, We thank you for giving moments of abundance in the ordinary circumstances of life.  Grant that we may be creators of such moments for others. Amen