Advent Day Thirteen Devotion - "A Little Help" by Carroll Grossman

…do not keep needy eyes waiting…

do not add to the troubles of an angry mind

nor delay your gift to a beggar.

Sirach 4: verses 1 & 3

Oxford Annotated Bible

“Can you help me,” he asks from where he sits on the beach

been here three days

car won’t run

I’m hungry

I want to go home

I look at him. I see pale eyes, a pinched face, uncombed hair and rumpled clothing,

“come with me,” I say

up quickly

wipes sand from his trousers

walks with me near the water’s edge

We enter a restaurant

“Prepare a sandwich for my friend,” I command

The cook says, “Ma’am, we see people like him in here every day.”

“Fix him lunch son,” I reply.

“It’s not like I’m buying him a car.”

Dear God, Help us to see those in need around us. Help us to be kind to those around us. Amen.