A Community of Kin: The Church According to the Gospel of John


Crescent Hill Baptist Church Lecture Series

Presents Dr. Paul Simpson Duke

November 19-20, 2011

¨ Saturday, November 19 - 6:00 PM - The Way We Look - in the Chapel

¨ Sunday, November 20 - 9:30 AM - The Way We Love - in the Sanctuary

¨ Sunday, November 20 - 10:45 AM (Morning Worship) - Holy Ground Lost and Found - in the Sanctuary

Dr. Paul Simpson Duke is co-pastor of the First Baptist Church of Ann Arbor, Michigan with his wife Stacey. He also serves as Campus Minister for the American Baptist Campus Foundation at the University of Michigan and is Adjunct Professor of New Testament at the Ecumenical Theological Seminary in Detroit. Dr. Duke also served as pastor of Highland Baptist Church from 1982-1986.

The lectures are free; no reservations are required. Please join us for the lectures and for worship Sunday morning.