Ministry Teams


CHBC uses a ministry team model.  The team structure provides an excellent avenue through which individuals may use their gifts and talents to serve one another and others.  Active teams are listed below.  If you are interested, notify the church office.

Art Spirit

Tom Scott, Sr. - teacher

Bring your artistic talents and desires to share, develop fledgling talents or find new undiscovered talents.  Tom Scott, a gifted artist who prefers water color paintings, leads the group.  Many of their works are displayed in the Heritage Hall during the annual Expressions Exhibit in August.

The group meets the 2nd Thursday of each month in the choir room.  You're encouraged to work in any art media you prefer.

Building & Grounds 


Bob Hieb - co-leader

Tom Scott, Jr. - co-leader


There's always something to be done in or around the church.

Children's Ministry


Melanie Bunger - leader of After School team

Andrea Woolley - Children's Minister

Church Council


Chris Conver - chair (2011-2012)
Margaret Graves - chair elect & hospitality

John Arnett - new ministry and outreach
Bob Hieb - operations
Ian Hooper - worship
Nar K Paw - Imago Dei liason
Carolyn Posey - congregational care
Kerri Richardson - personnel
Greg Robertson - finance
Dorothy Spur - spiritual formation
Burt Van Dyke - community and missions

The members of the Council serve as liasons to the various ministry teams as indicated; Council members are usually not the leaders of the various teams


The Guiding Team concept was developed during a Wednesday night discussion in July 2010 from a consensus that the existing Ministry Coordinating Council (consisting of leaders of the various teams) was not an effective body to listen to the needs of the church and give guidance for further development of the church programs.  Members of the congregation were invited to submit the names of five people in the church they trusted, and, after  tallying the names, this group of nine who were  willing to serve in this capacity were called out to be the Guiding Team. Members of the Guiding Team included: 

Chris Conver - spokesperson, Adam Creech, Mere Corlett, Margaret Graves, Bob Hieb, Nar K Paw, Carolyn Posey, Kerri Richardson, Burt Van Dyke.

In 2011 the church voted to create a Council model of leadership, and eleven members were selected.  This group replaced the Guiding Team (though a majority of the Guiding Team move into Council positions). 

Divorce Support Team 


Jerry Smith - leader

Global Missions



Steven Cole - leader

Martha Lytle

Norman Lytle

Finance Team


Allen Bartlett - chair
Trudi Bellou
Judy Hodge

Doug McCall

Jim Soder
Rae Taylor
Lee Whitlock

Ron Horn - treasurer

Gifts Affirmation Team


Darrell Adams

Margie Ash

Debbie Brashear

Ron Horn

Rae Taylor

Debbie Williams

CarolynPosey, ex-officio

The Gifts Affirmation Team is responsible for guiding, equipping, and empowering members for ministry in the church and the world.  The team encouraages and helps church members to:
explore their gifts, passions, skills, and interests; discern their calling as followers of Christ; and discover ways to use their gifts in service the the church and to the world, which may include creating or joining ministry teams.

As part of this responsibility, the Gifts Team is responsible for recommending an annual slate of church officers, subject to approval of the congregation.

Church Officers for 2013-2014:

Moderator:  Kerri Richardson
Vice Moderator:  Beth Wade
Trustees:  Kevin Corlett, Barry Creech, Tom Scott, Jr.
Treasurer:  Ron Horn
Assistant Treasurer:  David Graves
Church Clerk:  Valorie Horn
Assistant Church Clerk:  
Church Historian:  John Arnett

Hospitality Team


Betty Schnur - co-leader

Diane Taylor - co-leader

Imago Dei



Alice Adams - co-leader

Joshua Klo - co-leader


The name Imago Dei means "In God's Image."  This group helps to build friendships across cultures and address the resettlement and integration challenges of immigrants and refugees.

The following link to a facebook site, Mary's Scrapbook, displays a wonderful song by Karen refugees:!/video/video.php?v=1768955347395

imported from the old site:

Karen - Chin Refugees Among Us

Christian refugees who have fled Burma's oppressive military government, the Karen and Chin, have been attending CHBC and participating with us for some time now. On this page are links to information about these people and how they have come to be among us. Also include is a Karen to English dictionary and photo slide shows of some good 
moments we have shared. Youtube video about Crescent Hill's involvement with the Karen Plight of Karen refugees

Dictionary and more 
A wonderful Karen dictionary, pronunciation guide with sound, and some useful conversational prhrases in Karen. Karen-English Bible Background Information on atrocities they have fled, their culture and habits, and more Women's Organization including 128 page pdf file on 
"State of Terror" -- account of some 1000 atrocities committed by the Myanmar soldiers against the Karen.


Many of you are hungry for resources to know more about the Karen people as you
 welcome them into our congregation.We recommend as a starting point the website 
established by our missionary  partners Duane and Marcia Binkley at

Labyrinth eam 


Kelley Woggon - leader

Peggy Schmidt

Barbara Allen

Betsy Kettle

Carolyn Posey


You are invited to experience the "gifts of insight, wisdom and peace" the labyrinth offers to those who walk its path.  Our labyrinth is set up and open to all at various times throughout the year.  When it is set up, it will be located in the Fellowship Hall and attended by someone who can provide more information and answers.  Call the church office for more information at 896.4425. 

New Member


Greg Robertson - leader

Outreach Team


Andy Bates - leader



Steven Cole - leader

Norman & Martha Lytle

Ellen Massey

others from time to time


group meets the 1st and 3rd Thursday of each month usually at Mary Neal Clarke's house.  All are welcome.

Some prayer concerns (not in any particular order):

the church, troops in Iraq & Afghanistan, political leaders, Nancy, Mary Neal, Naomi, Elaine, school, work,

Leila, Rachel, Gideon,

Social Justice


Margaret Graves 
Frank Woggon 

Debbie Brashear - leader


Habitat for Humanity in Louisville


EDGE Outreach

United Crescent Hill Ministries

Martin Luther King "Dream Speech" - Aug 28, 1963

Martin Luther King's prophetic last speech, "I've been to the mountain top..."  April 4, 1968

Walter Cronkite's CBS Evening News announcement of King's assassination - April 4, 1968



Laura Chipe - co-leader

Allison Hammons - co-leader

Louie Bailey - Music Minister and organist

Spiritual Formation


You are invited to a three-year plan of reading the Bible 
following the assigned lectionary readings Monday-Thursday 
and the readings for the upcoming Sunday on Friday.

Spiritual Formation at CHBC is about guiding and nurturing each person to more nearly and fully "walk in the way of Jesus." We strive to teach the Biblical Story, to impart the Christian heritage, and to nurture this faith community in being the people of God.

Among the ways we seek to discern what it means to walk with God are various classes that meet on Sunday morning from 9:30 until 10:30.  The classes include:

Harmony Class - Margaret Graves, Sarah Jo Hooper, et al teachers
class for women meets in Room 217 (end of hall) on 2nd floor of Burhans Education Building

Harbour Class - Kelly Woggon and Chris Conver, teachers
for younger adults meets on 2nd floor of East Tower

Kairos Class - Barry Creech, teacher
for median aged adults meets of 2nd floor of East Tower

Solidarity Class -  peer led discussions often with outside speakers
open to all adults meets in Heritage Hall (East Tower on Sanctuary level)

Mary - Martha Class - Dorothy Spurr and Tom Leuze, teachers
co-ed class for older adults meets in classroom off Fellowship Hall

Agape Class - Carolyn Posey, teacher
meets in the Parlor

Barnabas Class - Bill Johnson, teacher
open to all adults meets in the Church Media Center off the Birchwood Lobby

Karen Sunday School Class - a class interpreted into the Karen language meets in either the Chapel or Room 211 on 2nd floor of Burhans Education Building
Brent Williams, Norman & Martha Lytle, Mary Neal Clarke, Steve & Annette, et al. - teachers

Chin Sunday School Class - class interpreted into the Chin language meets in Room 218 on second floor of the Burhans Education Building

Youth Sunday School Classes - meet in the Youth Room located below the sanctuary.  Classes are offered for 6-7th grade girls, 6-7th grade boys, 8-9th graders, and 10-12th graders.

Children's Sunday School Classes - all elementary aged classes meet on the 3rd floor of the Burhans Education Building.

Preschool Classes - All children under 3 are welcome in the nursery located on the lower level of the West Tower.  3&4 year olds meet in Room 104 below the sanctuary.  The kindergarten class meets on the sanctuary level of the West Tower.

Other Spiritual Formation Opportunities:

One Community - for young adults meets every other week, usually in the Youth Room, following worship on Sunday.  Meetings include lunch, fellowship, and discussion.

Community Reading Group - meets monthly in the church parlor and discusses a book of fiction selected by the group.

photos of classes in "slide show" section under Sunday Schools

In addition to these classes there are special focus classes from time to time, some are listed below.

Gospel of Matthew Class
Bill Thomason led this class in the spring of 2011


Bill Johnson - coordinator

Student Ministry Team

Brittani Bair - Minister to Students

Weekly schedule:


9:30am – Sunday School
10:45am – Worship
5:00p – Connect (a time of fellowship and service)


3:30 Homework Help
5p – Dinner and Free Time
6p – The Break (a youth lead time of song, prayer, and sharing)

Youth Alumni

Personnel Team


Andy Bates

Melanie Bunger

Jan Cox-Gedmark

Joyce DeBoe

Valorie Horn

Mitz Nabekura

Karen Scott