Ministry Partners

We partner with the following, as well as other denominations and organizations, to serve others in need globally and locally.

American Baptist Churches USA

Alliance of Baptists

Association of Welcoming and Affirming Baptists

Cooperative Baptist Fellowship

United Crescent Hill Ministries

Additionally, we open our doors multiple times each week to the Jefferson County Public Schools Adult English as a Second Language Program.  ESL classes meet at the church on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday mornings, August through June.

Church Council


The Church Council  is the body of eleven people responsible for offering leadership and guidance to our congregation.  The members of the Council serve as liaisons to the various ministry teams as indicated.

Phyllis Skonicki- Chair

John Arnett -Congregational Care

Tom Scott, Jr - Operations

Quinn Chipley - Worship

Glen Bellou - Imago Dei

Beverly Baker - Youth Ministries

Greg Robertson - Finance

Rick Forrest

Bill Thomason - Spiritual Formation

Eileen Bartlett -- Personnel Team

Betty Schnur -- Global Missions