"Every Member a Minister" is one of the mottos Crescent Hill lists on the worship program each week.  The church is not the building but a body of persons each with his/her own set of gifts who spend their time doing the work of the church.  The focus of this blog is to recognize and thank those who volunteer their services to the church.  Many of these serve on various "ministry teams;" others do their work individually or in small informal groups, and members support the church's work with their prayers and offerings.  Many people also minister just by "showing up" for worship and funerals. "They also serve who only stand and wait."  One always risks omitting persons in creating such lists but we trust those who notice the omissions will advise us with additions and corrections.  [The church ministerial staff (Jason, Andrea, Bill, Louie) are involved in all these activities as well and are not always listed among those in the group efforts highlighted below.]

[Although much of this work is done within the walls of the building at Frankfort and Birchwood, the members of the church also "minister" as they work at their jobs and in their families in the "outside" world.  Some of the church members don't attend services frequently and are what I term the "ungathered church."   Although we could list the occupations of every member, many would prefer that we not do so.  Suffice it to say that we appreciate the work and family commitment that is done -- often un-named, unnoticed, and underappreciated. --jwa]



Building and Grounds:  Bob H., Tom S., Jo F., Janet M., Bill J., John McI., Glen S., Pat S.


Janitorial staff:  Leo S., Steve C., Ken Nay Moo, Kenny A., John A.

Highlands Latin School liaison:  church staff, building & grounds, trustees

Church Council:  Chris C., Margaret G., Burt VD., Carolyn P., Dorothy S., Greg R., Bob H., Nar K'P., Kerri R., John A., Ian H.,

Moderators:  Frank W., Sara Jo H., Bill T.,
Clerk:  Ed C.,
Treasurer:  Greg R.,
Historian:  John A., Andy R. & Virginia J (ex officio)



Divorce Ricovery Workshop and Support:  Jerry S., David C., Jason & Kate C., Chuck L., Dale McA., Michael T., Tracy F., John K., James J., Kathleen J., Wade R., Steven S., Ed C., Jim H.,

Divorce Support Childcare:  Beverly B., Kevin C., Mera S. C., David G., Margaret G., John & Sharleen B., Tim & Beverly B., John & Carolyn A., Kay B., Trudi B.

Finance Team:  Ed C., Greg R., David G., Anne-Britton A., Eileen B., Amelia D., Barry C., Doug McC., Jim S.,

Sunday office workers:  Norma R., Roxann H., Bob P., Ed T., Jane H., Trudi B., Bobby T.

Potter House Properties, LLC:  Bob H. & other investors, and many hands to get house ready and maintained.


Global Missions:   Steve C., Norm & Martha L., Blanche G.,

Women on Mission:  Martha L.

Imago  Dei:  Nar K' Paw, Alice A., Annette E., Steve C., Joshua Klo

Talent Show:  Darrell & Alice A., Steve C., Katherine & Brent W., Adam C., Beverly B., Yoba Moo, Eh Nay Thaw

Live wires:

Gifts Affirmation:



Food Service & Hospitality including Sunday morning coffee in Birchwood Lobby:  Brian W., Barbara A., Betty S.,  Diane T. Jane H., Janet C., Valorie H  

Wednesday night suppers ad hoc group:  Margaret G., Bob & Roxann H., Diane T., Bill & Bobbie T., Charles C., Mike E.

Wednesday evening programs:  Bill J., Jason C., Andrea W., Louie B., Bill T.,

Labyrinth Team:  Peggy S., Kelley W.

Health Ministry:  Phyllis S., Barbara A., Sharleen B., Margaret G., John A., Beth W.



New Members:  John B., Andy R. (in past)
Church Roll Team:  Virginia J.

Ushers and greeters:  Bob H., Allen B., Greg R., Janet M., Brian B.,  Alice A.,  Bobbie T., Glen B., Melinda S., Mary C., Ron H., Phyllis S., Teh Shwe Pomya, Janet C., Jim S., Anne-Britton Arnett

Outreach Team:  Andy B.,

Pictoral Roster Team:  Kelley W., Carolyn P., Andrea W., Melinda S., Joe W., Eileen B.



Prayer Team:  Steven C., 

Personnel Team (present and some from past):  Kerri R., Spencer H., Eileen B., Barry C., Steve H., Steven C., Brian W., Melinda S., Ellen M., Jo F., Brian W., Joshua K., Melinda S.

Media Center:  Carolyn S., Jim S.



Recreation Team:  Glen B., Brian B.

Social Justice Team:  Margaret & David G., Frank W., Debbie B., Ellen M., Joy H.

Choices support, EDGE outreach, and other project support (Potter funds): many givers

UCHM representatives:  Burt Van D., Phyllis S., Eileen B., Sara Jo H.

Student Ministry:  Jason C., Beverly B., Ellen M., Chana G.

Middle School & High School SS:  Jason C., Tim B., John & Carolyn A., Andy B.

Homework Helpers:  John B., Marjorie A., Chana G., Debbie W., Debbie B., H.B.Brady, Sara Jo H., Beverly B., Max M.

ESL volunteers:  Roxann H., Mary Ann B., Marjorie A., Betty S.

St. Joe Picnic Parking, Lock-ins, and other assists:  Tim & Beverly B., Betsy K., Chana G.

Camp Counselors and Passport Chaperones



Website - Technology Team: John A., John B., Amelia D., Glen S., Darrell A., Sarah C., Jason C., Andrea W., Andy R.

A-V equipment for Wednesday night:  Amelia D., Glen S.

Hope Academy:  Steve C., Annette E., Carolyn P.

Summer Academic Academy:  Andrea W.,

Art Spirit:  Tom S., Rachel B., Nancy H. & Margaret C. (in memoriam), Eh Kah Paw, Peggy P., Trudi B., Frank W., 

Expressions (August exhibit):  Alice A., Darrell A., Steven C., John A.


Trustees (present and past):  Tom S., Kate C., Bill Van H., Bob H., Jane H., Clarence T. 


Spiritual Formation Team (including Fall Retreats):  Bill J., Tom & Pat S., Glen S., Pat C., Bill T.,  Sharleen B.

Adult Sunday School Classes:
Harmony:  Margaret G., Sara Jo H., Ruth F., Phyllis S., Amelia D., Betty S., Jane H.,  Peggy P., 
Kadean S., Melinda S., Mary Ann B., Joyce S., Marjorie A., Sharleen B., Judith F., Judy H., Johnnie S., Kay S., Judy Z.,  et al.

Harbour:  Frank & Kelly W., Chris & Niki C., Anne-Britton A., Jennifer P., Sara C., Jennifer A., Kay B., Spencer & Corinne H., Bethani M., Kerri R., et al. 
Kairos:  Barry & Kathy C., Brent & Katherine W., Ron & Valorie H., Brian & Melanie B., Tim & 
Beverly B., Rowan C., Steven C., Kevin & Mera C., Betsy K., Bobbie L., Andy R., Elgin T., Jeff & Sharon W., et al.

Solidarity:  John & Sharleen B., Glen & Joan S., David G., George & Jo Carol W., Rae & Diane T., Steve H., Greg R., Brian W., Pat C., Chuck L., Bob & Roxann H., Greg R., Brian W., Bob & Judy P., John & Carolyn A., Bill & Bobbie T., Dick & Bonnie L., Andy B., Earle H., Alan L., Jerry & Sharon S., Jane T., et al.
Mary-Martha:  Dorothy S., Tom L., Burt V D., Virginia J., Ruth F., Jane C., Virginia F., Sue C.,  Mary C., Mary O., Woody F., Jo D., Tom S., Sam & Janice B., Barbara K., Louise G., Kathy G., Juanita A., Nora H., Dick & Libby H., Jimmy & Naomi P., Florence S., Fay S., et al.
Barnabas:  Paul D., Janet C., Tom & Pat S., Tom S.,  Allen & Eileen B., Ellen M., Barbara A.,  H.B. B., Ed & Cynthia C., Gail C., Jane C., Rick & Jo F., Rusty H.,  Tom L., Ellen M., Eugina R., Ed T., Mitch U., Beth W., et al.
Agape:  Carolyn P., Gaga W., Blanche G., Mary Dell T., Ruth H., Milly D., Emily W., Libbie S.,
Tillie B., Cindy R.,  Gladys F., Elaine R., et al.
Karen:  Brent W., Norman L., Martha L., Steve C., Annette E., David C., 



Children's Ministry Team:  Andrea W., Karen S., Melanie B., Trudi B., Corinne H., Debbie B.

Infants, Toddlers, Pre-School SS:  Karen S., Lynn R., Melanie B., Paw Mu Tah, Anne-Britton A., Trudi B., Sharleen B., Margaret G., Beverly B., Joy H., Ellen M., Betty McI., Tom S.

Elementary  SS:  Roxann H., Martha L., Cindy R., June B., Louie B.

Extended session volunteers:  Debbie B., Barb A., Diane T., Niki C., Betty S., John A., Kelley W., Jan G., Peggy P., Chris C., Melanie B., Kate C., John B., Roxann H., Valorie H., Corinne & Spencer H., Janet M., Marjorie A., Melinda S., Phyllis S., Kevin & Mera C., Bonnie L., Betty S.

Eggstravaganza:  Melanie B., Amelia & Paul D., John & Sharleen B., Sara Jo H., many youth
Halloween on Birchwood:  Amelia & Paul D., John & Sharleen B., Sara Jo H., many youth

Playgroup:  Andrea W.,

Taco Night and Game Day:  Brian & Melanie B.,

Elementary Camp Counselors:

Women's Retreat:  Margaret G., Debbie W., Kelley W., Debbie B.,

Monthly Reading Group:  Bobbie T..,





Music Teams and Choirs
Elementary:  June B., Beth W., Laura C., Allison H.
Chancel Choir:  Louie B., June B., Norma R., Beth W., Barb A., Emily S., Mera K C., Laura C., Allison H., Brittani B., Joan S., Mary O.; Ian H., Greg R., David C., Josh B., Andrew K., Mitz N., Quinn C.

Instrumental musicians:  Mike T., Louie B., Allison H., Adam C., Frank W., Eh Ka Lah,

Memorial Gifts:  Bonnie L., Mary C., Rosie S. 


Worship Team:  Brian W., Ian H.,
Communion elements preparation & clean-up:  Chris & Niki C., Margaret G., Ron H.,

Worship Banners:  Kathy C.
Sanctuary Flowers:  Barb A., Beth W.


Technology Support Team (av in Sanctuary): Steven C., Joe W.
Audio reproductions (CDs and cassettes):  Steven C., Jim S.

Office Staff and Reception:  Janet C., Bobbe C., Roxann H., Betty S., Barbara K.,  Diane T., Ruth F., Bobbie T., Bonnie L., Jane H., Judy H., Peggy P., Marjorie A., Virginia J., Carolyn P., Joyce D., et al.

Printing:  Janet C., Andrea W.,

Van Drivers: Barbara A. Allen B., Andy B., Glen B., Steve C., Jason C., Annette E., David G., Margaret G, Joy H., John McI., Ellen M., Rae T., Frank W., Andrea W.