A Church for All People

Video produced by Steve Clark and Annette Ellard describing the relationship between CHBC and Karen refugees for the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship 2008 General Assembly.


We believe that God loves all people without condition.  Therefore, at Crescent Hill you will find a diverse community of faith comprised of people of various races, ethnic backgrounds, sexual orientation, and world-views. Roughly one-third of our congregation is comprised of refugees and immigrants. While most foreign-born members of our community are refugees from Burma, people born in Latin and South America, Europe, the Middle East, and other parts of Asia also call Crescent Hill their spiritual home. No matter who you are, where you are from, or where you have been, you will be welcomed at Crescent Hill.

(Visit the Imago Dei section under "Ministries>Ministry Teams" for more information about the Karen People.)

Through Hope Academy Steve, Annette and others assist refugee youth with high school education.  See video at the site.

Another video about the Karen Refugee experience:

Advent Banners 2010 - Hope, Peace, Joy, and Love

Advent Banners-left.jpeg

                    Nepalese                             Chin                                 Arabic

Advent Banners-front.jpeg

                                                  English and Karen

Advent Banners-right.jpeg

           Japanese                          Spanish                               German

Thanks to Kathy Creech who made these banners for Advent.